Open Access Agreements
Flexible Open Access Agreements support the faculty and researchers at research and academic institutions in their Open Access Publishing endeavors.
Empower faculty at your institution to publish their expertise under an Open Access Model with IGI Global in an affordable agreement that makes sense for your institutional needs.
Experience Our Transparent Open Access Agreement Process
Contribution Review
Get a free annual review of your institution’s contribution information to identify the faculty’s publishing appetite.
APC Coverage
Faculty can use the Open Access fund balance to cover the costs of IGI Global Article Processing Charges (APC) during a 12-month period.*
Funding Recommendation
Get a personalized recommendation on the Open Access Agreement fund amount, based on the institution's publishing history.
APC Discounts
The APC will be reduced with a discount (based on investment amount of the Agreement) prior to being deducted from the fund.*
100% Investment Value
Unused funds at the end of an agreement period can be redirected:
  • Invested into a future OA agreement
  • Retroactively open previous publications
  • Invested to support underrepresented regions of researchers
Publishing Support
IGI Global offers publishing workshop opportunities to institution faculty members to further support their publishing endeavors.
*If needed, additional investments can be made into the fund at any point throughout the agreement period, and additional investments that increase the total investment to a new investment tier will allow new APCs to benefit from the greater discount.
“IGI Global's Open Access Agreements offered through the Carolina Consortium's were a game-changer for us. They allowed our budget-conscious university to offer crucial publication support to faculty members without the headaches of negotiations. A must-have for any academic institution!”
– Larry Tredwell, Fayetteville State University, USA
Open Access Collaborations & Partnerships
In support of the Open Access initiative, IGI Global takes great pride in partnering with various institutions and consortia from around the globe. Through these partnerships, IGI Global provides opportunities to their constituents and enables their researchers to maximize the reach of their publications.
Partnerships With Leading Open Access Repositories & Platforms
OA Partners
Open Access Agreements With Influential Consortia & Institutions
OA Agreement Partners
Agreement and Pricing Options
Pure OA Agreements
The Open Access Agreement program allows Libraries to invest funding towards their faculty's publishing endeavors while providing them the opportunity to engage in affordable and attainable OA publishing with IGI Global.
IGI Global representatives will evaluate your faculty’s appropriate tier below:
Open Access Agreement Investment Amount
$10,000 - $15,000
$15,001 - $20,000
$20,001 - $30,000
$30,001 - $50,000
$50,001 - $70,000
Discount Available for APCs to be Deducted from Institutional OA Fund
Read & Publish Agreements
Understanding the budgetary constraints of the global Open Access initiative, Open Access Agreement funds can be added to any e-Collection purchase as a "Read & Publish" model. This is added 100% transparently to the e-Collection with no additional costs involved.
Paper and Pencil
Based on IGI Global's 2023/2024 survey, 60% of researchers feel that applying for funds for Open Access publishing was not easy.
How Easy is it to Apply for Funds for OA Publishing?
OA Survey Pie Chart
What Funding Resources Have you Used for Open Access Publishing?
Through the various funding methods, 48.8% of surveyed researcher's publication are at least partially self-funded. Open access agreements allow researchers the comfort knowing that their work will be supported by their institution, thus lowering the financial burden that these Article Processing Charges provide.
OA Survey Line Chart
To help ensure that your faculty's publications are financially supported, invest in an IGI Global Open Access Agreement today.
“IGI Global is spearheading fully collaborative Open Access Agreements to empower institutions as leaders in the Open Access movement and researchers who are contributing to the academic community. These options provide sustainable sources of Open Access support and/or funding.”
– Mr. Nick Newcomer, Vice President of Marketing and Sales
Nick Newcomer
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