Cybersecurity Luminary Prof. Ahmad Aljuryyed Honored

IGI Global Author Awarded "Cybersecurity Researcher of the Year"

By IGI Global on Aug 9, 2023
67235bc5-49aa-4d95-a703-2e26277b1ab5 Distinguished cybersecurity researcher, Prof. Ahmad Aljuryyed, has achieved a momentous milestone by clinching the "CYSEC Cybersecurity Researcher of the Year" accolade at the CYSEC SAUDI 2023 Summit and Awards. Prof. Aljuryyed's remarkable contributions to the field of cybersecurity and his dedication to global security have earned him this prestigious honor.
Renowned for his work within the groundbreaking IGI publication, Cybersecurity Capabilities in Developing Nations and Its Impact on Global Security (ISBN: 9781799886938), Prof. Aljuryyed's work has significantly impacted the discourse on cybersecurity in developing nations. His paper has underscored the pivotal role of cybersecurity capabilities in these nations and their profound implications on global security dynamics.
Cybersecurity Capabilities in Developing Nations
and Its Impact on Global Security
Profs. Maurice Dawson and Oteng Tabona
© 2022 | 282 pgs. | ISBN13: 9781799886938
  • Covers Topics such as AI and Social Impact, Cybersecurity Capabilities, Data Privacy, & More
  • Ideal for Researchers, Academics, Computing Professionals, & Students
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The CYSEC SAUDI 2023 Summit and Awards, a pinnacle event in the realm of cybersecurity, is a platform dedicated to redefining the security landscape of Saudi Arabia's critical infrastructure. The gathering assembles cybersecurity thought leaders, government representatives, and industry magnates, fostering discussions around cutting-edge challenges, innovative solutions, and strategic measures aimed at fortifying the nation's critical systems against evolving threats.
An elated Prof. Aljuryyed shared his thoughts on the recognition, saying, "Receiving the 'CYSEC Cybersecurity Researcher of the Year' award is a tremendous honor. It underscores the imperative nature of cybersecurity research in shaping our digital future and reinforcing global security. I'm deeply grateful for this recognition and remain committed to furthering the frontiers of cybersecurity knowledge."
The CYSEC SAUDI Summit and Awards promises an enlightening array of insights into the evolving cybersecurity landscape. The event encompasses a diverse range of topics, spanning from emerging threats to transformative solutions, with an overarching focus on securing critical infrastructure against a rapidly evolving threat landscape.
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