Dr. Jamel Adkins-Sharif Explores Bias in Education from Past to Present

By IGI Global on Jan 12, 2024
Prof. Jamel Adkins-Sharif, a chapter author of the book, Black and Brown Leadership and the Promotion of Change in an Era of Social Unrest (ISBN: 9781799872351) discusses the historical roots of bias in the school system and its contemporary manifestations. With an EdD in Urban Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies, he employs critical and decolonial perspectives in his research, focusing on racial and social justice, leadership, and coloniality in schools. Drawing from his extensive career as a special education teacher and founding principal, Dr. Adkins-Sharif sheds light on the challenges and issues related to bias in education.
Black and Brown Leadership and the Promotion of Change in an Era of Social Unrest
Profs. Sonia Rodriguez and Kelly Brown
© 2021 | 352 pgs. | ISBN13: 9781799872351
  • Covers Topics such as Authentic Activism, Discrimination, & Diversity
  • Ideal for Researchers, Teachers, & Policymakers
  • Indexed In Scopus
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About Contributing Author
0Dr. Jamel Adkins-Sharif is a professor of education leadership, and currently serves as Director of Boston & Leadership Coaching at Eskolta School Research and Design. Jamel holds an EdD in Urban Education Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Using critical and decolonial lenses, his research explores race, justice -oriented leadership, and coloniality in schools. Dr. Adkins-Sharif was founding principal of both an elementary charter and district middle school in Massachusetts. Additionally, Jamel had a successful career as a special education teacher of mathematics and history in New York City.

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