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By IGI Global on Nov 15, 2022
Charleston Conference Logo As part of IGI Global's recent Librarian Sponsorship Program, which helped to send one librarian to the Charleston Conference in person this year, we asked applicants to share their views on several issues facing libraries today. We have collected some fantastic responses, and wanted to share them with the rest of the library community.
As part of the application for the sponsorship, we asked librarians some questions. See some of their responses below:
How has the Covid-19 Pandemic shaped the way that libraries pursue research content acquisitions and implementation of these resources??
Susan Van Alstyne, Centenary University: Libraries have offered services and resources in physical and virtual spaces for quite some time. Academic and public libraries were more prepared than most other services at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Libraries acquired more digital content and collections during the pandemic. Vendors providing free access to databases, products, and eBooks were also helpful when libraries were fully remote. Museums also provide access to virtual exhibitions. Further, implementing virtual resources and services promotes equitable access.
Technological Advancements in Library Service Innovation
Technological Advancements in Library Service Innovation
Manika Lamba (University of Delhi, India)
©2022 | 300 pgs. | EISBN: 9781799889441
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Hilary Robbeloth, University of Puget Sound: One silver lining of closing the physical library for the Covid-19 Pandemic was we needed remote work for our student assistants, and I could implement an accessibility project where I had my assistants do some simple manual assessments like keyboard navigation and help me link to every accessibility statement from our website.
Debbie Hathaway, University of Dallas: Prior to Covid-19, our professors requested more print than e-resources. Our collection policy up to that point was geared more towards physical books that could be checked out or used inside the library. What we did not have access to in our own collection was, for the most part, easily obtained through ILL. With the onset of quarantine, our library concentrated on procuring access to eBooks and other e-resources. In a way, Covid-19 helped change what we collect, and how we access material.
How can publishers and librarians better collaborate to further the advancement of knowledge resources?
Aleck Williams, Midlands Technical College: Prior to the pandemic, open access initiatives and the shift to online resources were gradually being implemented in libraries. As librarians, we are now intentionally focused on providing greater access to scholarly online content, including databases, scholarly communication, and OER.
Marcie Hoeckern, Florida Polytechnic University: Florida Poly is unique in being the first entirely digital library in the nation. Having an entirely digital collection has certainly facilitated our institution’s online and distance learning initiatives during the pandemic and it continues to serve us through the ups and downs of school closures due to COVID-19 outbreaks, inclement weather, and whatever other curve ball life chooses to throw us.
Richard Jutkiewicz, Manor College Library: From my viewpoint as the director of a small, academic library, I still subscribe to the theory that anything good is worth communicating about! Publishers, you want to know what libraries want. Publishers, please talk to us, and actively listen to what we are telling you. We're trying to find the best resources for our institutions, based on our current budget. Don't know what our budget is, please ask. Tell me creative ways that other institutions have acquired your materials through grants, financing plans, trials, etc. I realize my small budget isn't going to make your year, but I'm on several library consortiums and talk to as many librarians as I can. I may tell colleagues that I love a publisher's collection, even if I can't afford it at the moment. Librarians, answer your phones. Talk to the publishers, and be honest about your budget, collection, and goals. If the publishers aren't aware of what helps you and your institution, how do you expect them to know? Let's communicate, to collaborate - if it's not win-win, it's lose-lose. Life's too short, and nobody likes to lose.
How can publishers assist in making resources more accessible for librarians and their patrons?
Antonia Bernadette Donkor, University of Ghana: While researchers were looking for research contents, students were also seeking these to complete their thesis and academic programmes. The pandemic revealed that the need for the adoption of technology and electronic resources in academic libraries cannot be overemphasised. Off-Campus Access to electronic research content was provided to the members of the University Community. Also, several Publishers provided free access to their electronic research content which was very useful for researchers, students and faculty at the university.
Carissa Thatcher, University of Cincinnati Libraries: Libraries are looking for agreements that will ultimately support authors from their institutions and communities not just in access to information, but the sharing of information. A product is much more attractive to libraries when it is known that their subscription dollars are aiding in the promotion of new and innovative ideas from voices that are less frequently heard, subsequently, publishers benefit with relevant and timely perspectives which elevates the quality of information that they provide.
Jennifer Culley, UNLV: Acquisitions units, such as the one I work in, stopped ordering of all physical items and only purchased electronic research items. Ebooks, ejournals, databases and streaming media became the only formats we were ordering. Many publishers stepped up with free access to resources, especially at the beginning of the pandemic as libraries were scrambling to figure out ways to get access for their patrons.
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Some Background Information on the Librarians:
Alexious Muunga, Copperbelt University: Covid-19 Pandemic has brought about change, and we have:
  1. Improved access to electronic resources.
  2. Increased Academic Library user awareness of the available electronic resources.
  3. Expanded the role of academic librarians as providers of electronic resources as opposed to physical copies only.
Jonathan Ndubuisi Chimah, Ebonyi State University: I served as the Ebonyi State University Librarian from February 2018 to February 2022 with meritorious and landmark achievements. The University Libraries were upgraded with necessary library and information resources and services. This helped the University to secure accreditation from the National Universities Commission (NUC) in the numerous programmes and departments of the University during my tenure. Again, I proposed to the NUC for a new programme and department (Library and Information Science) and we got approval from NUC as we started since 2019/2020 academic session.
Antonia Bernadette Donkor, University of Ghana: Chair of the UGLS Covid-19 re-opening Committee- This Committee drafted the Strategic Plan for the Re-opening of the twenty-six (26) libraries in the University of Ghana Library System after the three months lockdown period (March-June, 2020). This Committee also lead the Implementation of the Library Re-opening Strategic plan Supervisor-Balme Library Covid-19 Volunteers I supervised some twenty-two (22) library staff of the Balme Library who volunteered to work during the pandemic in September 2020 to provide access to students to complete their studies for the academic year.
Handbook of Research on the Global View of Open Access and Scholarly Communication
Handbook of Research on the Global View of Open Access and Scholarly Communication
Daniel Gelaw Alemneh (University of North Texas, USA).
©2022 | 435 pgs. | EISBN: 9781799898078
  • This book is being published under Platinum Open Access through IGI Global's Transformative Open Access Initiative with University of North Texas, USA
  • Features 15+ Chapters on the Latest, Peer-Reviewed Research
  • Covers Topics such as Open Access Initiatives, Copyright Challenges, & Open Educational Resources
  • Excellent Addition to Your Institution’s Library
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Thank you to all the librarians who submitted their responses. We truly appreciate working closely with Librarians and we depend on your perspectives to understand the current needs of Libraries. As always, Librarians are welcome to have a face-to-face conversation with us about your library's IGI Global holdings, and receive a personalized assessment of ideal IGI Global e-Collections offerings that offer a greater value over individual title acquisitions. To set up a virtual meeting, please contact our e-Collections Team at
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